How CBD Affects the Minds of Its Users

How CBD Affects the Minds of Its Users

Interested in CBD but want to know exactly how it will make you feel? It’s essential to understand how any substance you might take affects your mind. We’ve outlined exactly what you can expect from CBD to help you decide whether it’s a suitable substance for you. 

CBD is not weed 

The first thing you should know about CBD is that while it can be found in cannabis, it doesn’t induce the same effects. Basically, CBD can’t get you high. Another compound called THC is responsible for the classic red-eyed, laughing at a pair of socks high of weed. 

It can’t get you high, but it can still affect your mind

While CBD can’t get you high, it can still act as a psychoactive; that is, it affects your mind. It may not create intoxicating effects like THC, but CBD can affect the brain in more subtle ways. 

One of the more powerful effects of CBD is its ability to reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms and help people overcome stressful situations (1, 2). CBD can, therefore, affect your mind by creating feelings of calm and relaxation as it works to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

CBD can also have an impressive effect on sleep quality, helping to improve sleep scores and treat sleep disorders (3, 4). By helping you to get a few more z’s, CBD can help your brain recharge and leave you feeling more alert and sharp. 

The bottom line 

Although both CBD and THC are products of the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t affect your mind in the same way that THC can, but it can induce subtle and vital changes in your mood and brain function.


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