5 Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

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Throughout creating Unity, we realized that a lot of our job would be educating people on the benefits of the adaptogens formulated in our beverages. If you’re like me, you are curious about natural ways to aid your body in functioning properly. 

Our hope with these blog posts is to inform people of the benefits of the adaptogens and, furthermore, why we decided to implement them in our ingredient list. If you haven’t read the other blog posts about Ginkgo Biloba and Ashwagandha, I recommend taking the time. Last but not least, we shall discuss Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola, also known as the golden root, has been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Its adaptogenic powers (ability to adapt the body’s resistance to stressors) are endless, but here are five reasons why we love it: 

1. Supports endurance and recovery after exercise - “Research on Rhodiola has recently been shifted to sports nutrition. Some studies have shown that Rhodiola supports endurance and recovery after exercise,” according to Care/of. Furthermore, “Rhodiola has the potential to decrease perceived exertion, which may allow you to work out longer and harder” (Walle). 


2. Could help reduce depression symptoms - Depression occurs when the chemicals (neurotransmitters) in our brain are out of balance. “Rhodiola has been shown to improve many symptoms of depression. Similar to antidepressants, it may positively influence neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotion” (Walle). The importance of mental health is what initially sparked our interest in creating Unity. So when we discovered the power of adaptogens, we couldn’t pass on them.  




3. Improved brain function - In a study done in 2000, 56 physicians were prescribed either a placebo or 170mg of Rhodiola for two weeks (Walle). “Rhodiola reduced mental fatigue and improved performance on work-related tasks by 20%, compared to the placebo” (Walle). Working from home has been a tough transition, so give your brain the ability to do its thing!




4. May have anticancer properties - “Test-tube experiments have shown that an active ingredient in Rhodiola called salidroside inhibits the growth of cancer cells” (Walle). Again, it’s nice to know that you can help your body by merely enjoying a beverage while the world crumbles around you. Sounds pretty ideal to me!




5. Reduces Anxiety - “Early research shows that taking a specific Rhodiola extract twice daily for 14 days can improve anxiety levels and reduce feelings of anger, confusion, and poor mood in college students with anxiety” according to WebMD. Needless to say, with the rollercoaster that is 2020, anxiety levels are at an all-time high. So hand me all the Rhodiola!



As evidenced by the above, Rhodiola contributes a significant amount of value to our formulations. When we unite the powers of our adaptogens and our CBD, perfection ensues. By educating ourselves and making these adaptogens readily available, in a yummy way (trust us, adaptogens are yucky on their own), we hope to make your lives just a little easier. Especially with what 2020 has thrown our way...we could all use a little Unity right now. 



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