Unity Hemp and Adaptogen Infused Beverages

First, let’s talk about what’s in the bottle. The products use juice (although the percentage is not disclosed on the label) along with natural flavorings. To keep the sugar and calories down, Unity uses a blend of beet sugar, erythritol and stevia. Each bottle contains a range of functional ingredients including 30mg of hemp extract, 45mg of ashwagandha, 35mg of ginkgo biloba and 30mg of rhodiola rosea.

Fortunately, the liquid also tastes pretty good and the flavor profiles feel like they were formulated with the mainstream consumer in mind. They feel like a slight throwback to the early days of SoBe -- lightly sweet, refreshing, and approachable fruit flavors -- but with a modernized set of functional ingredients and an eye towards the low sugar/calories trend. 

Of the three flavors that we sampled, the Blood Orange Hibiscus and Strawberry Lemonade have a relatively similar fruit-forward recipe that still manages to be light in body. The aforementioned juice helps with the accuracy of the fruit flavors. Plus, they’ve done a really good job of hiding both the sweeteners and the functional ingredients.

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