Can CBD and Adaptogens Lower High Blood Pressure?

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Cannabis might not seem like the most likely way to improve heart health, but it turns out that a cannabis compound could help keep high blood pressure under control. CBD, a compound found in cannabis, could help you keep your blood pressure down, especially when combined with other effective natural blood-pressure reducing substances like adaptogens. 

CBD and blood pressure

When we think of high blood pressure, we usually think of old, overweight dudes. But hypertension isn't just something that the oldies should be worried about. It doesn't matter how old you are; high blood pressure is bad news. Your heart, eyes, kidneys, and brain can all feel the negative effects of high blood pressure, so you don't want to mess around with it (1).

One way you might be able to drop your blood pressure down is with CBD. Studies tell us that CBD may be able to get your blood pressure where it should be and get your heart in better shape. Stress can play a big part in sending your blood pressure rocketing; whether it's from exam pressure, a bad breakup, or just anxiety, CBD could help get stress-induced blood pressure under control. Studies tell us that CBD was able to reduce blood pressure in both stressed and unstressed patients (2, 3)

Another good thing is that taking CBD for blood pressure isn't going to get you in trouble for getting high, so long as you take it alone, CBD can't get you high. While it is a cannabis compound, it's not the chemical responsible for the trippier effects of weed. 

Try the plant power of adaptogens 

You might not have heard of adaptogens, but these natural herbs, plants, and roots pack a real health punch. Adaptogens are used in ayurvedic medicines, and many of them have been shown to reduce blood pressure effectively. 

Adaptogens that could help you keep your blood pressure down include:

  • Holy Basil (3)
  • Arjuna (4)
  • Indian gooseberry/Amla (5)
The bottom line 

If your blood pressure is creeping up a little, natural alternatives like CBD and specific adaptogens could help you get to drag it back down. It's essential to keep in mind that hypertension is a serious condition, so always be sure to consult with your doctor to determine whether CBD or specific adaptogens will interfere with any drugs you're currently taking.


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