Get Physical with CBD, the Natural Exercise-Booster

Unity- Dark Chocolate Protein Bars

Looking for a boost to help you run that extra mile, or maybe you want to reduce your downtime between gym sessions? CBD could just be the thing to improve your workout. 


Get your head in the game 


As all athletes know, achieving peak performance can be as much a mental game as a physical one. Whatever your goal, you have to be focused and in the right mood, and that’s where a UNITY CBD protein bar could help. 


CBD has been found to contain impressive mood-boosting properties. This tiny molecule has even been known to help combat the effects of anxiety and depression in some studies (1, 2).


Heal up 


Going for a run is a great way to get your blood pumping and your muscles working, but dealing with stiff, sore legs the next day isn’t quite as fun. One way you may be able to reduce downtime between exercise sessions and pain after a workout is with CBD. 


CBD has shown great potential as both an anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever (3, 4). When we push our muscles to the limit, inflammation occurs to help those muscles grow and heal. But too much inflammation can also leave us stiff and in pain. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could help you from limping along the day after you go on a hike. 



No bones about it 


To function at your best, you need to make sure your bones are healthy, and sustained exercise can lead to bone damage. 


The good news is that CBD also offers help in this area, with studies showing that it can promote bone growth and reduce bone loss (5, 6).



The bottom line


While CBD won’t turn you into LeBron overnight, it could help you get in a better mindset for exercise, help you recover after you go a little too hard at your basketball game, and ensure that your bones are healthy and ready for a workout.



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