Should You Try CBD for Sports Injuries?

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Traditionally, drugs and athletes might not have the best reputation in the world, but it’s time to change our thinking! CBD is a naturally occurring compound that could help athletes recover from injury without any intoxicating effects. 

How can CBD help sports injuries?

CBD shows a lot of potential as a treatment for sports injuries thanks to its ability to target pain and its cause. 


When it comes to exercise, sometimes you just have to fight through the pain. But with the help of CBD, you might not have to. CBD has shown potential as a pain reliever. Research tells us that CBD can activate receptors and hormones that play an important role in pain management (1, 2). 



Inflammation can be a real killer for athletes. Joint and muscle inflammation can lead to restricted movement, pain, and swelling, all things you don’t want right before a big game. 

The good news is that CBD might be able to help you keep the swelling down. In addition, studies have shown that CBD has demonstrated impressive anti-inflammatory properties (3, 4). 

Can athletes take CBD?

While CBD is a cannabis compound, that doesn’t mean that it induces the same effects as cannabis. CBD is only one compound found in cannabis, and it is not the one responsible for the drug’s intoxicating effects. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting high from taking CBD alone. 

But just because CBD can’t get you high doesn’t mean it’s allowed everywhere. Different sports governing bodies will have different rules around CBD use. We recommend checking with your particular sport before adding CBD to your routine. 

The bottom line 

CBD could help you recover from sports injuries and reduce your pain levels, helping you get back into the game quicker. However, if you play sports professionally, it’s best to check if CBD is an allowed substance before trying it.



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