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We decided to stop it up a notch by dedicating this curated influencer box to the best cannabis for the holidays. Why the holidays? Because while the season of giving and togetherness is undoubtedly a magical time, it’s also a pretty stressful one. The more we age the more it seems like the holiday joys experienced in our youth are fleeting as we scramble to recreate favorite traditions while crossing off wish lists in the most affordable way possible. Thanks to the past few years, the economics of gifting along with the politics of gathering has made December a particularly rough time. We don’t like that, so we lovingly put together this care package of all the best cannabis for the holidays to make them, well, holidays again. 

No one ever said being an adult was easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! Take a look at our best cannabis for the holidays 2021 influencer box inclusions below for a guide on how to reduce holiday stress, enjoy the beautiful lights and decorations, vibe out while wrapping, laugh yourself silly while watching Home Alone, guiltlessly gorge on sugar cookies and most importantly, make all that family time (or lack thereof) palatable. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the best cannabis for the holidays that Mother Nature has to offer this year: 

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