UNITY + Cafe Makai: 4.20 CBD Dining Experience


It’s been one heck of a year already, and it’s only April...so of course, we couldn’t let 4.20 pass us by without celebrating properly. This year we teamed up with Cafe MaKai to curate a memorable experience. 

We are highly aligned with Cafe MaKai as their company shares a mission for sustainably sourced food and beverages. MaKai is Nashville-based and gets its food and drinks from local, sustainable sources and ensures that customers know where their food is coming from

While you might not have had the opportunity to to be there, we wanted to give you a little bit of a recap and maybe some inspiration for all you DIYers and Chefs out there. 

Needless to say, after this meal, you will be zen as f* after. All of these recipes were made with our flavorless, water-soluble hemp CBD powder. Wondering what this delicious meal looked like? Do not worry, we have photos. But you must be warned, viewing these photos will cause you to become extremely hungry. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Photos courtesy of Grace Riordan. 

So despite this giving me extreme FOMO, it makes me want to see what other CBD creations we can make to help us wind down. Mocktails? Smoothies? The possibilities are endless! 

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