Valiant CEO

Valiant CEO

Alex Valley – UNITY – All-Natural Wellness Products Infused With Hemp CBD, Adaptogens, and Other Super-Nutrients.

Let’s start with a brief introduction first. Introduce yourself to our readers.

Alex Valley: Thanks for having me! My name is Alex Valley and I am the founder of UNITY, the number one CBD beverage company in the US.

Our audience is interested to know about how you got started in the first place. Did you always want to become a CEO or was it something you were led to? Our readers would love to know your story!

Alex Valley: I’m from the Midwest and, like many others, landed in LA to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. While on set one day, I heard about a trendy grocery store called Erewhon (go figure) and decided to go and check out their famed cauliflower buffalo wings for myself. They were delicious, but what really drew me in was Erewhon’s CBD selection. I hadn’t really tried CBD before and first thought “there’s no way this stuff works.” 

But when I tried it for myself and realized how wrong I was, I knew I had to bring this incredible ingredient to others. If it could help me with my stress and anxiety, maybe it could help the masses...

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