How CBD Can Replace Alcohol

How CBD Can Replace Alcohol

Whether it’s an after-work wine, a toast of champagne, or a shot of whiskey to warm you up, alcohol is a huge part of our culture. But could one little compound found in weed impact that? While you might think of cannabis as being just for stoners, it turns out that the cannabis compound CBD could help replace alcohol in your lifestyle. 

CBD to reduce the booze 

Impressively, it seems that CBD might be able to replace alcohol by actually helping you to put down the booze. 

Researchers have found that CBD may help treat alcohol addiction. One review study found that CBD contributed to animals with alcohol use disorder reducing their alcohol intake (1). Basically, alcoholic mice got drunk less often. 

Other studies have also found that CBD alleviated addiction to cocaine, opioids, and tobacco (2). Who knew that all the times that your parents warned you about cannabis it could’ve actually helped treat other addictions?


Here is a testimonial from one of our customers: "I have been drinking UNITY for about a month now, and it has changed my life. I had a poor relationship with alcohol, and while I don’t consider myself sober, coming home and drinking a Blueberry Lavender drink has replaced wine. I have never felt more energetic and rested each day, and relaxed and less anxious at night. I drink them socially, on the couch, perfect for every occasion! Thank you for the amazing product." 

The bottom line 

CBD has shown an impressive ability to help treat alcohol addiction. Because of this, CBD could be used as a replacement by people who struggle to control their alcohol intake.


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