CBD and Sleep: Everything You Need to Know

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Struggling to get a good eight hours every night? We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep, but it’s harder said than done. If you’re walking around like a zombie and surviving off minimal sleep, then you might want to consider adding CBD to your routine. 

Can CBD really help you sleep better?

Found in cannabis and hemp plants, CBD is a chemical compound that is growing in popularity thanks to its potential health benefits. 

CBD could help you to sleep off those under-eye bags. In addition, studies tell us that CBD shows promise in treating sleep issues like excessive daytime sleepiness and REM sleep behavior disorder (1). 

But if you don’t have a sleep disorder, CBD could still offer you some help. A 2019 study found that CBD improved sleep scores in 66% of patients (2). So while we still need more research to find out exactly how effective CBD might be as a sleep aid, the early research is promising.  


CBD targets other symptoms that affect sleep 

Another way CBD might help you snooze is by improving other symptoms that can negatively affect sleep. 

CBD shows a lot of promise in reducing anxiety and pain, which can positively affect your sleep schedule (3, 4). We’ve all had a tough night, tossing and turning anxiously, thinking out something, or being kept awake by dull pain. Adding CBD to your routine could help you to keep these symptoms at bay and leave you snoring away. 

The bottom line 

CBD shows a lot of promise as a sleep aid. As well as being able to potentially improve sleep scores and the symptoms of sleep disorders, this chemical compound could also help you to reduce other symptoms that can impact sleep, like pain and anxiety.




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