How to Beat a Hangover

How to Beat a Hangover

We all love a good night out; it’s just the next day that can really be a struggle. Hangovers can be painful, even if you did deserve them. But put aside the egg yolk drinks; these are the natural techniques that can help you recover from a bender. 


It might seem ironic, but it turns out that a compound found in cannabis could help to fix your hangover! If you’ve ever had a bit too much to drink, you’ve probably experienced the “Sunday scaries,” a feeling of anxiety while hungover. CBD might be able to help make this a little less scary, thanks to CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety and leave you in a better mind frame (1, 2). 


Adaptogens is a term that refers to different plants and herbs that are used in Ayurvedic medicine for their health benefits, and it turns out that they could help to turn your hangover around. 

These are the adaptogens you’ll want to turn to if you had a few too many glasses of wine last night:

  • Maca - this South American root has strong energizing properties that can help you get off the couch and feel like a normal human again (3). 
  • American ginseng - This adaptogen can help you get a proper night’s sleep and stop you from tossing and turning as you think about just how many vodka sodas you bought last night (4). 
B vitamins and zinc

Getting your vitamins can also help you make the day after a bit more tolerable. One study found that people who had a higher intake of zinc and B vitamins in their diets experienced less severe hangovers than those with lower intake (5). Fry up some eggs, steak and maybe even some dark green vegetables (if you can stomach it), and watch your hangover improve!

The bottom line

If you’re feeling a bit shaky after a big night out, CBD, adaptogens, B-vitamins, and zinc could help you fight your hangover and feel normal again.


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