Mental Health During a Pandemic

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It's no doubt that this pandemic has put a wrench in the works. Our routines got thrown out the window...and our sanity went with it. In the past, I have struggled with anxiety and depression. For those of you like me, you know that a drastic change of routine (such as a pandemic) can negatively affect your mental health. Thankfully, I used what I have learned from my journey to avoid slipping down that slope. These unprecedented times might have thrown you for a loop, but I am here to help.

Here are a few tips for getting through this with the hopes coming out the other side better than we started. 


1. Hit the reset button. 

While it might seem like there is nothing to do, it just means you have the free time to do what you enjoy. Whether it's picking up your hobby that you no longer had time to do, spending time with family, or catching up with friends. The silver lining of this all is that we get to press pause, a luxury we don't get with our busy lives. 



 2. Check-in. 

Now is the time to check-in with yourself; mentally and physically. You currently have the time to look inwardly and check how you're doing. This time allows us to do so. Historically I gloss over things that I don't think I have time or mental capacity to deal with. Now we have the time to dedicate to ourselves. Without sounding too preachy, take time to acknowledge your internal anxieties and what might trigger them. By recognizing these activities, we can work through them.


3. Make a Routine. 

While your traditional routine might have changed, that doesn't mean that you can't have one. Depression preys on me most when I don't have a routine and can just binge watch Grey's Anatomy for 12 hours in a row. By establishing a routine, your body will be able to find an equilibrium and some sense of normalcy. 




4. Nourish your body. 

You need to stay healthy now more than ever! Workout outside, get some Vitamin D, eat your veggies, and take your vitamins. This quarantine is the time to give yourself the attention you deserve; It's not selfish. Your body will thank you.


5. Unwind.

Wishing you were on a beach somewhere? You're not alone. You might not be as stressed as you were before quarantine, but now we have different anxieties and stressors. Some of you may be feeling a little down, and that's completely natural.  Truthfully, taking CBD has provided a way for me to unwind and take a step back. For example, I am sipping on a Strawberry Lemonade as I write this, and I have never felt better. 


"Where's my cabana boy?" - Elderflower Rose


6. It's the little things. 

Take an inventory of all the things you are grateful for. At the beginning of quarantine, I was constantly fretting about the things I could no longer do. I then realized how much of an adverse effect that was having on my outlook on life. So, I decided to take inventory of all the fantastic things I DO have in my life. And don't just think about the things you're grateful for. Write them down and reread them whenever you are feeling down.


Truthfully, time is the best gift of all, so try to get the most out of this time at home. If you have even made it this far, thanks for coming to my little intervention session. But don't worry, it's free of charge 😜.





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By Phene Wardlaw


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