Our Guide to Enjoying Summer While Working Full-Time

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Adulting ≠ misery (necessarily). Yes, you read that right. 

It's officially summer!! While laying poolside might be your vision of a perfect summer, hunching over your laptop and staring longingly out your window might be the reality. We’re here to help you find a happy medium. You know we’re all about balance!

Here’s maintain our summer vibes during long workdays:

  1. Get outdoors. Anywhere you can.

It might not be as picturesque as you hoped, but sometimes a 2x2 balcony where you have to crane your neck to soak up a singular ray of sun is the best you can do—maybe that’s just me. ;)

Anyway, the key is to feed your body what it needs: fresh air and sunlight. Not only can sunlight/vitamin D improve your mood, but it may also improve cognitive function (1, 2, 3). So incorporate it into your routine as you would a prep call for a big meeting (or maybe even at the same time), and you might get the clarity you need for a happy & productive day. 


  1. Can’t get outside? Bring outside indoors.


Are you looking for the feeling of sipping on an ice-cold lemonade by the pool? Grab one of five refreshing flavors of our CBD Beverages. Then, for extra summertime effects, enjoy them over ice with a lemon wedge.


  1. Compile your favorite summer jams—better vibes at the click of a button.


Don’t have time to make your own playlist? We got you. Check out our playlist of the songs we’ve been blasting recently. Trust us, these songs are almost as refreshing as our beverages and will have you vibing at your desk. 


  1. Solidify that morning routine you’ve been trying to get down.


Here’s a challenge: first 20 minutes of the day—NO SOCIALS! Okay, maybe unrealistic for everyone, but the first few minutes of the day are sacred. Treat them as such! And you can find what works for you. A good morning routine can help boost your productivity and help you gain a sense of control. Depending on your morning vibes, there are a ton of research-backed ideas that can help you start your day off on the right foot (4, 5, 6).


  1. Move your body! 

Don’t have time for a lot of exercise? Don’t worry. Even if you just take a 2-minute walk every time you take a break from the grind, they add up (7). A new study suggests that you can reap the benefits of exercise without spending long chunks of your day on it—frequent short bouts of exercise are just as effective!



  1. Invest in a blender—hello tropical smoothies!


Fun fruit dishes are so summer, but sometimes we don’t have the time for all that preparation. Instead, throw some frozen fruit, greens, and the beverage of your choice (coconut is perfect for that beachy feeling), and you have yourself a healthy, delicious taste of summer!



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