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Whether you’re celebrating a father or a father figure this Father’s Day, trying to make it the perfect day can have everyone on edge. 

However, if everything goes according to plan, you’ll have Dad looking like this:




That’s the goal…but HOW? 

It starts with the gift. But don’t stress, even if you’ve already been through the classic gift guides. Real talk: is the personalized apron/flask/hammer sitting in a dusty basement corner? What’s something he’ll actually enjoy? Better yet, what’s something he can enjoy right away? Aside from your amazing company and attention, that is. ;)

Our Perfect Gift

We know you want to treat Dad to the chill day he deserves. We’ve got you covered. 

Help boost his mood (and yours) with our refreshing, anxiety-busting CBD beverages.

Everybody wins.

Not to mention that showing up with a case of our CBD Beverages is an excellent (& more subtle) way of telling the fam to “Calm the F* Down.”


AND for a refreshing cocktail for a hot June day, try using our beverages as mixers! Check out our quick and easy recipes for the perfect summer sips.

We’ll cheers to that!

Perfect Gift #2?!

If you’re looking for something more ~solid~, you can’t go wrong with our protein bars

In each bar:

20mg CBD, 17g Vegan Protein, 15g Fiber. AND they’re Vegan + Gluten-Free!




With this thoughtful gift, Dad can simply unwrap & unwind. 

The whole fam will thank you!

And here’s our gift to you… 


Not sure if Dad will understand CBD?

Here’s the rundown:

In each 14oz bottle:

  • 30mg CBD: to support with stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation
  • Ashwagandha: for anxiety and immune support 
  • Rhodiola Rosea: for anxiety and fatigue
  • Ginkgo Biloba: for cognitive health and focus
  • 0.00% THC — all the highlights without the high




While CBD won’t turn Dad into a chiller instantaneously, it can help take the day’s stresses down a notch or two.


A sanity reminder: 

As with all holidays, Father’s Day does not need to be perfect. 

This day can be overwhelming—although it’s supposed to be a celebration. And that celebration can be of father figures, of loved ones, and of yourself.

Regardless of your situation, allow yourself to relax and take a step back from the stresses of external pressure from social media and other potential triggers.

Treat yourself and the fam to the self-care you all deserve.

Wishing you a happy & chill Father’s Day!


For more great gift ideas, check out this Little Things article (you may see a familiar face). 

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